‘We believe in providing local healthcare with a personal approach from each of our pharmacies and always aim to provide a professional tailored service to our customers’
Wringtons Ltd strives to maintain excellent standards of professional practise within our dedicated team who always put people first. The Pharmacy should be a central place within any small community where friendly, professional and confidential advice can be obtained – at the heart of local healthcare.

About Us

Wringtons Ltd is made up of four pharmacies spreading across the south of England.

Each of our pharmacies offers a wide range of services ranging from dispensing of prescription medication to providing over the counter advice – to find out more click on the Pharmacy nearest to you.

    Company Structure...
Wringtons Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of M Barbour Ltd. Wringtons Ltd owns the four pharmacies.


For administrative, HR and Accounts enquiries Wringtons Ltd head office is based at the following address:

Wringtons Ltd,
PO BOX 1452,
Peterborough PE2 2WA.
Telephone: 01832 270828
Email: wringtonsoffice@gmail.com

The facts...

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